Our Capabilities Modern Facilities Management - Ensuring facilities are kept in top operational condition for the comfort, safety and retention of value for our clients is the primary objective of ESS Alaska's facilities maintenance program. Sharing Our Purchasing Power - In North America alone, ESS' procurement spend rate in food, beverages and non-food commodities is more than $4 billion. Using our enormous purchasing power, we offer clients access to substantial cost savings on an extensive array of products - from heavy equipment to food to office supplies. Bundling Services for Cost & Process Efficiencies - Our multi-service approach allows our clients to choose from a wide range of services and adapt the package to closely match their changing operational needs. We are performing all the services listed below at a site somewhere so can readily transfer the experience. The bundling of a number of our support services into a single contract lowers the total management costs and capitalizes on efficiencies. ESS Support Services is the leading support services organization to clients in the oil & gas, construction, remote and defense industries. By partnering with a corporate organization that possesses the stability inherent in an annual turnover of more than $21 billion and in a ranking as the 13th largest private sector employer in the world (Fortune Magazine 2007), our clients benefit from project execution certainty and skills based on real world experiences. Design & Build  • Facility Fit-Out  • HVAC  • Project Management  • Planning  • Logistics  • Refurbishment Work  • Utilities Design Hospitality  • Cleaning & Housekeeping  • Janitorial • Conferences  • Functions  • Hotel, Guest House Management • Laundry  • Vending • Concierge Services Life Support  • Grounds Maintenance  • Housing  • Food Services • Management • Sewage  • Waste & Water Treatment • Power Supply • Pest Control  • Security Administration  • Logistics  • Procurement  • Temporary Labor Supply  • Training Support • Translation/Interpretation  • Warehousing Leisure  • Bars & Clubs  • Bowling Alley • Car Rental  • Gymnasium • Sports Facilities • Saunas Retail  • Convenience Stores • Dry Cleaning • Hair Care • Reprographics • Supermarkets Compass PLC Compass Canada Compass USA ESS Gulf of Mexico A Member of Compass Group